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19 June 2022

Lawless 2022 - images (1)

For anyone missing Lawless 2022 here's my selection of images from the (great) weekend...

Ally Sloper sketch by Lew Stringer

Anastasia sketch by Graham Bleathman

The rear cover of the convention programme featuring organiser Su Haddrell (wearing the hat)


Left hand page from the top down are...Dan Cornwell, Tom Eglington, Steve Austin, David Roach, Mike Dorey, Lee Carter, Alan Hebden, Kek-W, Dave Kendall, John Higgins, Boo Cook, Colin Maxwell

Right hand page from the top down are...Clint Langley, Simon Davies, Glenn Fabry, Brian Bolland, Lew Stringer, Ian Richardson, John Wagner, Steve MacManus, Graham Bleathman

The back page (left) and front page (right) of Graham Bleathman's A5 booklet of original art - lovely for a fiver!

Print by David Roach (1)

Print by David Roach (2)

art by Dave Broughton

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