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3 June 2022

Atomeka - Bojeffries Terror Tome

A couple of recent purchases (and the death of Garry Leach) has spurred me on to look at Atomeka Press. A look at the Grand Comics database (here) is helpful (thanks for the images!) but incomplete. So, I thought I'd try and rustle up my own complete (?) list of Atomeka publications.

I've looked at the original A1 series (from 1989) here
The Epic comics anthology (from 1992) is here
A1 series (from 1992) is here
Damien Darke is here
Atomeka miscellany
A1 True life bikini confidential is here

Now, thanks to friend of the blog Reuben Willmott we can look at the publication that started me off down this particular rabbit-hole...Yes it's the Bojeffries Terror Tome...
Contents are as follows:
1). Bojeffries - Festus: dawn of the dead [script by Alan Moore; art by Steve Parkhouse]
2). Baby cakes [script by Neil Gaiman; art by Michael Zulli]
3). Mr Monster - monster museum [Michael Gilbert]
4). Hotwire DE [Steve Pugh]
5). The Proxy [script by Ramsey Campbell; art by David Lloyd; lettering by Bambos]
6). Eddy Current - prologue [Ted McKeever]
7). Scarecrow [Charles Vess]
8). Eddy Current - judgement [Ted McKeever]
9). Bojeffries - Song of the terraces [script by Alan Moore; art by Steve Parkhouse]

You'll probably receignised the cover as a recreation of an old Warrior cover...issue 12 to be precise

as editor Dave Elliott points out (see below) the art is by Garry Leach (albeit based on the original Steve Parkhouse cover)

if you look really hard you can spot some subtle differences between the pieces - the background here (below) is different, for instance 

And here's what the cover to issue #2 would have been...again art is by Garry Leach in a Steve Parkhouse style (which he totally nails!)

and here's that picture in colour - thanks Dave!

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