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10 June 2022

Luther Arkwright - 50 years

News just in from the Cartoon Museum about their next exhibition...

The Cartoon Museum are excited to announce an exhibition in Summer 2022 to mark the release of Bryan Talbot’s third - and final - Luther Arkwright graphic novel: The Legend of Luther Arkwright.


About Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright: 50 years of a British comics legend


In 1978, Bryan Talbot began the epic Luther Arkwright saga with The Adventures of Luther Arkwright. Serialised initially first in the comic Near Myths, and later in Pssst! Magazine, the serialised parts were completed by the rest of the story and published as first a comic book series and then a graphic novel.


The Adventures of Luther Arkwright is considered a groundbreaking work in the history of British comics and, with material dating back to 1972, one of the first British graphic novels.It was followed by a sequel, Heart of Empire in 1999, and a final volume – The Legend of Luther Arkwright – will be published in 2022 by Jonathan Cape.


Working closely with creator Bryan Talbot, Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright: 50 years of a British comics legend celebrates both the release of The Legend of Luther Arkwright alongside the history of the character and previous installments of the series.


This is the first time Bryan’s archive has been so thoroughly explored, shining a light on his unique and inventive process for designing characters, pltting a story, and laying out his panels and pages. The exhibition will immerse you in never-before-seen material from Bryan’s personal archive, different editions, models and ephemera, and plenty of original comic art from the series.


This is also the first time that material from all three books – including exclusive material from The Legend of Luther Arkwright being displayed a month before the publication date - has been displayed together, allowing a fuller understanding of how the design and writing of the characters, world and story have developed over the 50 years since the first character from the series featured in print.


We will be holding fantastic events alongside the exhibition, as well as stocking all three books and a range of merchandise in our shop.


Join us in June 2022 to discover the legend of Luther Arkwright for yourself.

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