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14 January 2019

Early Brian Bolland commercial advert for burger bar up for sale

For anyone who recalls my piece last week on an early Brian Bolland Christmas card being offered for sale on ebay (starting price £50; sale price £50) the same seller is now offering as a lot an item he describes thus...

clearing the old studio....a hamburgher menu by brian bolland whilst at Norwich school of very good condition..a 2 sided paper plate sized table menu sheet...layout by by brian.....12 inches across....produced in 71 or 72.....this is one of his first ever commercial printed pieces...very hard to 99% were used...the burgers were and still are top notch....still open...a little slice of history...look at those prices..fries at 5p...burgers at 45p....happy days ..a rare example of very very early bb art....

No sign of a Bolland signature so you'll have to take the seller's word for it I guess

The menu is for sale here and the opening bid is £100 - the auction closes just after 7pm on Wednesday (16th).

Here's that Christmas card again :) 

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