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3 January 2019

When Roy of the Rovers sponsored a football club - UPDATED

A recent social media post by ex-Fleetway editor Barrie Tomlinson alerted me to the football programme below, art by John Gillatt...

Which then got me into looking for other football programmes that Barrie must somehow have been involved in the production of, here's a couple for you...
artist unknown to me - any ideas?

is this Barrie Mitchell artwork? It's the style of the grass that makes me think he's done it.

I'm hoping that Barrie will spot this and fill us in on a few more details of how Roy of the Rovers came to sponsor a real life football club.

Barrie DID spot this post and has provided an update as follows...
Just caught up with your blog about St.Albans City Football Club programme covers.   How did it happen? The first one is easy. I was born and bred in St.Albans and followed the club.  In chats with the chairman I got Roy of the Rovers made a Vice President of the club.  I then asked John Gillatt to provide a cover for the match programme.    That's really all I know.  After I was booted off Roy of the Rovers, I discovered that Roy of the Rovers was a now sponsoring the club...hence the two other progamme covers which appeared. There may have been more.  Why the Roy of the Rovers publishers wanted to sponsor the club is a mystery to me. Were they doing it just to give me another boot up the bottom or was there some other reason? I never found out. Most people thought it was me who had arranged the sponsorship. But it wasn't!  Anyway, I like the John Gillatt artwork for the first programme.  The other covers make the ground look a bit too grand!  Sometimes, life is a mystery!

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