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27 June 2019

Archive Adventures - part 1

Before there was Treasury of British comics line, acquiring reprints of old British comics was hard work (and even with Treasury there is SO much material that will never be reprinted) so this is where Archive Adventures came in.

First up, I'm not sure who published this (or when) or how many books there in this series so I thought I'd try and start trying to list them all, there's a lot of books out there so bear with me...

First up we have Archive Adventures #1-5. All issues are A4 sized, black and white art and had a print run of 30 copies so this is a very hard set to collect.

In some occasions I have spare copies for sale on ebay, I'll put a link wherever relevant

Archive Adventures #1
NOT reprinted from the well known comic called Ranger but instead an earlier comic called Ranger. 24 pages. Print run of 30.

Archive Adventures #2
At by Ron Embleton, from Mickey Mouse weekly, 40 pages, print run of 30

Archive Adventures #3
Art by Robert Forrest, taken from Top Spot magazine, 28 pages, 30 copies. My spare copy for sale here

Archive Adventures #4
28 pages, 30 copies, 

Archive Adventures #5
From Top Spot 1958/59, 30 copies, 28 pages, art by CL Doughty and Jesus 'the Steel Claw' Blasco

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