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25 June 2019

The rudest bit of comics merchandise?

Whilst researching my recent entries on Swift comic merchandise it came to my notice that this jigsaw is, how shall we put this, rather racy?

And I mean racy, not racist - I pass no comment on the depiction of the 4 local tribeswomen - except to say that they are, well, topless!

How did this ever get passed the licensing 'committee' or whatever it was? Or Hulton Press with their 'family-friendly' image of straight-laced comics for children?

Picture the scene on Christmas morning as little Johnny tears the wrapping paper off this jigsaw, gets on with making it and then proudly shows it off to mummy and daddy who promptly ban him from ever doing the jigsaw ever again. Not a merry Christmas in THAT household.  


  1. Looks like that chimp is trying to make a grab for something he shouldn't too! :D

  2. He's definitely got his eye on Tarna's banana!