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26 June 2019

UPDATED: Commando calendar

Looking at my Ian Kennedy calendar the other day made me start wondering about precisely how many Commando calendars there were out there for the collector...

Updates are shown in red

Not published by DC Thomson (but produced under licence from them) this large calendar (it's about twice the size of the Ian Kennedy calendar, above) was the first Commando calendar to be produced. This was sold mainly in bargain bookshops. 

UPDATED: 2007's 'The art of Commando' calendar 

By 2009 the licence for producing a calendar had changed hands - covers selection is by Calum Laird (better image now used).

Then there was a good run of 3 years in a row when the calendar came out...

Commando calendar 2012

Commando calendar 2013

Commando calendar 2014

Then a few fallow years until 2018...
Commando calendar 2018

Commando calendar 2019

While I don't have all the Commando calendars above, here's a calendar that I REALLY wish I'd got at the time...2009 saw two DC Thomson calendars from 'Unique' (the Art of Commando is shown above) and this is the second one....

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