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28 August 2019

Signal comic #5

I've covered Signal comic before here and here (and John Freeman has provided an excellent overview here) but I've now been able to access the previously missing issues in my Signal collection, first up was issue 2 (here), then issue 3 (here), issue 4 (here) and today we have issue 5 of this 'Eagle-lite' comic...

Cover art is again by Don Harley...

Norman Willaims again provides some interior art...

John Ryan again illustrates 'Little Ruth, Sweet of Tooth'

What makes this particular issue stand-out (an in fact be EVEN MORE Eagle-like) is the inclusion (below) of a cutaway drawing! Not only that but the art is by Eagle cutaway artis Roy Cross. As far as I'm aware this was Roy's only cutaway work that didn't appear in Eagle.

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