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30 August 2019

UPDATED: Beano calendars

Following on from a previous post (here) about Oor Wullie calendars I realised that there must be other DC Thomson calendars out there so I set off to google Beano calendars - so here's my guide to collecting them...

Don't forget you can review Commando calendars here and Judge Dredd calendars here

New material is highlighted in red

Interestingly the 1992 edition has a reference that says "Number 7" in the top right cover - indicating that this is the 7th edition of the calendar...

...hmmm, and the 1993 calendar says "Number 8"...

...hmmm, and the 1994 calendar says "Number 9"...

...thingk the 1995 one says 'number 10' in the top right corner

no sign of 1996 

Here's the 1997 calendar - you'll see from the back cover picture that this is (helpfully) number as number 12 so there must have been a calendar for 1996 (to be number 11)

The 1998 calendar

The 1999 calendar (left) and the envelope it came in (right)

The 2000 calendar (right) and the envelope it came in (left)

Here's the 2002 calendar

2003 calendar

Then a gap again to 2004...

No 2005 calendar (I think!) so here's the 2006 edition... 

From ebay - but here's evidence of the 2008 calendar

...And then a long gap until 2018


  1. I never knew they did calendars.

  2. There were of course, calendars for the years you are missing. There were also personalised calendars available. The 'long' calendars you show were not the 'official' version, suggesting that there must have been calendars by other publisshers in some years.