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14 May 2021

Alan Clark reference books

I've looked at comic reference books a couple of times before...

i). Dennis Gifford books here
ii). Lofts & Adley books are here

And now it's the turn of Alan Clark...

Just published (Summer 2021) is this book available from Alan himself at this ebay seller ID (boris9999494).

The fun factory of Farringdon Street by Alan Clark
subtitled - a history of Amalgamated Press 1890-1960

Just published here is this book (reviewed here)

From early 2021 (and still available here)

From Autumn 2020...

From 1998 the Dictionary of British comic artists, writers and editors

From 1991 - "Comics an illustrated history" by Alan and Laurel Clark

From 1989 "The best of British comic art" by Alan Clark

From 1988 "The children's annual - a history and collector's guide" by Alan Clark

From 1983 - "The comic art of Reg Parlett - 60 years of comics!" by Alan Clark

From 1983 - "The comic art of Roy Wilson" by Alan Clark & David Ashford

as ever...if you spot anything I've missed just let me know

1 comment:

  1. Richard, it might be worth following this seller (!) and adding his latest "THE FUN FACTORY OF FARRINGDON STREET"