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8 May 2021

War Machine

I've wondered about reprints of British comics material in unusual locations - here's Rogue Trooper (or as it's called here War Machine by Dave Gibbons & Will Simpson) in a volume from Heavy Metal and Tundra.

Lovely looking hardback volume...

This is Heavy Metal volume 7, issue 1 (1993) and was published in the USA - gatefold cover by Simon Bisley. Softback volume.

This was originally published in 2000AD issues 650-653, 667-671, 683-687. 

Contents are as follows and include Garry Leach, Pedro Henry, Simon Bisley, John Higgins, William Simpson and Dave Gibbons

Spotted any other English language reprints of British comics material in somewhere unexpected - just let me know!

For the contributors you can find other stuff on the blog by them as follows:
Dave Gibbons here
Garry Leach here
Simon Bisley here
John Higgins here
William Simpson here


  1. Surprise appearance by Zirk there - is it a black and white story? Seem to remember one where Zirk gasses some galactic police who have arrested them for something (perversion, probably).

    Don't recognise the Bisley/Leach story at all - wonder where that originally appeared?

  2. Heavy Metal did (and still does) commission some stuff, especially shorter strips. This was around the time Bisley & Tundra publisher (& co-chief Turtle) Kevin Eastman and Bisley became friends (the Biz would become a Heavy Metal regular from this point on).