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26 May 2021

The Warhammer work of Stuart Taylor

To celebrate his appearance on the latest episode of the Comics Art podcast (here) I've put together a list of all the work that Stuart Taylor did for Warhammer monthly and then for Inferno!

Warhammer monthly, issue 52 (February 2002)

Warhammer monthly, issue 62 (December 2002)

Warhammer monthly, issue 74 (November 2003)

Warhammer monthly, issue 77 (January 2004)

Inferno!, issue 34, Jan/Feb 2003

Inferno!, issue 35, Mar/Apr 2003

Inferno!, issue 37, Jul/Aug 2003

Inferno!, issue 42, May/Jun 2004

Inferno!, issue 43, Jul/Aug 2004

There's a chance that Stu's work could be in Inferno! 46 but I can't be sure as it's the only issue of Inferno! (or Warhammer monthly) missing from my collection.

Stu's work also appears in both the 'Tales from the ten-tailed cat' reprint volumes thus... 

Volume one
The Vampire hunter's tale [reprint from Warhammer monthly #52]

Volume two
The tale of the corpse [reprint from Inferno! #37]
The mercenary's tale of the corpse [reprint from Inferno! #34]
The tomb robber's tale [reprint from Warhammer monthly #62]

Feedback from Stu himself!

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