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1 May 2021

Girl personality parade

I looked here at 'Famous men of today' a multi-week epic from the original Eagle comic based around cutting out pictures from your weekly copy of Eagle and putting them into a booklet.

I've now discovered that there was a similar promotional tool used in Girl here's the "Girl personality parade" for your enjoyment...

You can just about read the right hand column of text in the box below which says...
There are 48 pictures altogether. When you have collected them all in your album, fill in your name and address and Girl adventurers Club number in the space provided on the inside cover. Then post the album to Girl Personality Parade, Girl Reader Services, Long Lane, Aintree, Liverpool 9. If all the pictures have been correctly placed a red seal will be affixed to the certificate below before the album is returned to you to keep. 

Clearly this person had put all the pictures in the right place because the album has a red seal affixed.

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