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7 May 2021

Lion comic free gifts

I don't collect Lion comic but I've seen a few free gifts listed on ebay recently so I thought I'd see what was out there...if you can clarify which specific issues these gifts came with I'd be very grateful.

I'm sure there are more free gifts out there but these are my 'starter for 10'...

I understand this was a free gift with issue #2

More images cribbed from ebay...

Another early looking gift...

This is for sale on ebay and the seller says that this was free with issue #361 (January 17th 1959)

Free with Lion issue #116 (May 8th 1954)

Free with Lion issue #117 (May 15th 1954)

Free with Lion issue #118 (May 22nd 1954)

And here's a 1963 free gift...

Free with Lion issue dated February 7th 1970

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