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1 September 2021

Gosh announce Marshal Law Super Babylon print

Gosh comics have announced the production of a limited edition Marshal Law print

Right here it says...
The atmosphere in the superhero filled basement has become decidedly icy, as Marshal Law, San Futuro’s meanest cape killer, returns to Gosh! in this exclusive print by the master of manic masterpieces Kevin O’Neill! Extremely limited at an edition of just 50, this signed, A3 Giclee, on high-white smooth archival paper, features the iconic image that originally graced the cover of Marshall Law: Super Babylon. 
Created by Pat Mills (the final boss of entertaining genre comics that make a point) and Kevin O’Neill (the king of the beguiling yet unsettling line), Marshal Law debuted in 1987 at Marvel’s Epic imprint, before heading up a stonking lineup of British talent in the short lived anthology Toxic! More recently collected in a deluxe format by DC, Marshall Law is one of the most iconic figures in British comics. In the spirit of Judge Dredd and with no small influence on the current hit series The Boys, Marshal Law is a violent, satirical comic about a futuristic law official charged with policing super-heroes gone rogue by any means necessary, all the while fighting his own self-loathing for being the thing he hates most: a super-hero. 
Our exclusive print is a grisly visual, depicting superhero hunter Joe Gilmore, aka Marshal Law, doing what he does best: dispensing the ultimate justice to a sickening and pathetic super hero. “Just another day in paradise” as the big man would say.   
Remastered from the original art, this A3 Giclee is printed on 315 gsm high-white, smooth, 100% cotton stock paper. Signed by Kevin O'Neill, the print is limited to an edition of 50, and retails for £45
You can buy a maximum of 3 copies of the print

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