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30 September 2021

UPDATED: Beano characters 'In flight fun' with Airtours

I'm always delighted / intrigued to spot advertisers using comics as a medium and I spotted these two comics on ebay recently (so apologies for the quality of some of the images). I'd not come across 'In flight fun' before so I don't know if it just featured Beano characters in these 2 issues or even if there were any subsequent issues. Any help gladly received!

Updates are in red, below...

In flight fun (Airtours) - issue 1

In flight fun (Airtours) - issue 2

In flight fun (Airtours) - issue 3

I've now found (here) a copy of issue 4

In response to my first post about this Ivan P Lewis (via the facebook group 'The Beano collectors society') says this lasted a minimum of 6 issues (1994-9). So maybe one copy each year? A new one for each summer holiday perhaps?

So now we just need to find a copy of issues 5 & 6 (and any subsequent issues)

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