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6 September 2021

Best of Misty Monthly - part 4 (of 4)

A quick look at 1986's The best of Misty monthly. I'll list out the stories re-printed in each issue and, where I can identify them, the artist involved.

Part 1 was here
Part 2 was here
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The best of Misty monthly issue 7 (printed by IPC) - August 1986
The sad eyes of sorrow art by John Richardson
Song of Petina
An eye for an eye..., art by Jesus Redondo
Day of the dragon
Run, rabbit, run!
If only...
Who killed teacher?
Going...going...gone! art by John Armstrong

The best of Misty monthly issue 8 (printed by IPC) - September 1986
Catch me if you can...
Cry baby!
The uglies, art by John Richardson
Miss Cassidy's cat...
The power of young Melissa, art by Romero
Fancy another jelly baby?
The treatment
The devil's dummy
Malice in wonderland
Nobody's child
The lighthouse keeper's daughter
Monster of green acres

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