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3 February 2019

Iconic Warrior cover up for sale

Heritage Comics have revealed that they have Mick Austin's iconic cover for Warrior #16 up for sale here
As they say...Alan Moore's "Marvelman" tales were all-new stories inspired by the UK's answer to the original Captain Marvel (when the reprint options on the originals ceased). Mick Austin's cover painting captures the magic and sparkle of this man-with-God-like-powers. When the stories were eventually reprinted here in the US, conflicts with Marvel (not DC) forced the change in the character's name to "Miracleman". This issue mistakenly gave cover credit to Steve Parkhouse, but it is clearly signed by Mick Austin in the lower left of the 12.5" x 17.5" gouache image area. Originally created in illustration board, it has since been "skimmed" off of the board. A bit of production tape in the margins, and some minor foxing in the left marginal edge. In Excellent condition. 

The auction runs 21-23 February and the opening bid is $1100 

1 comment:

  1. I had the chance to buy this for £110 back in the day. A fool I am.