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16 April 2019

Freddie's last Dance #1 - Eric Bradbury's (nearly) last comic?

Some glimpses here of Freddie's last dance #1 - which I've suggested might be Eric Bradbury's last comic - except that, in fact, there's Freddie's last dance #2 (coming the day after tomorrow folks). Anyway, we'll get to that.

Freddie's last dance #1 was published by the Mindbenders imprint - it was going to be big but to cut a short story short, they weren't - anyhoo, they got Eric Bradbury his own comic published so we thank them for that. 

A slightly faded cover, featured here only because the cover is very slightly different from the above (clue it's the ISBN box)

This copy is signed by Steve Donovan and Eric Bradbury

The comic is standard US sized and is cover dated Sep/Oct 1993 and the reason I wonder about how many other comic titles Bradbury worked on is that I have details of all his work on new Eagle (which finished in January 1994) and then, like the rest of Fleetway's once proud line of boys comics, it all goes dead. So lots of details from 1984-94 but then nowt after that. 

Eric Bradbury died in 2001 so I wonder if after new Eagle closed all his other publishing options were ended. He died a few years later (in May 2001).

This 20 page comic concerns the violence and the characters around a nightclub - a great use of Bradbury's distinctive noir art style.

Hard to find but well worth tracking down.

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