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17 April 2019

Freddie's last Dance #2 - Eric Bradbury's last comic?

OK, so here's the cover for Mindbenders #2 - cover dated Jan/Feb 1994, so this is after new Eagle had closed so is this Eric Bradbury's last work? There was no issue #3. The story wasn't finished but the company didn't publish another title in this line.

But there was another title they DID Publish...

Anyone who's missed issue one - this is what went on is issue #1...

Two pages of Eric's art...the violence and sweary language meant that this never would have appeared in new Eagle, lol

So I'm interested in working out if there is later art by Eric Bradbury or is this his swansong? Any suggestions welcomed.


  1. I am Eric Bradbury's daughter. Dad died in 2001and didn't really do much comic work as far as I can remember probably from the time mentioned. I seem to recall ' mindbenders' was probably the last he worked on. He sort of slipped into retirement and began to do more paintings of landscapes etc and WW2 scenes he was involved in as a rear gunner in Lancasters in the RAF.
    I remember that working as a self employed artist for various publications was good until the printers strike which pretty much brought all publications including fleet street to a grinding halt in the early 1970's I think. That caused problems as just prior, dad was paid when he sent his work in , he was prolific,but that changed to payment on publication, so of course a printers strike made a huge difference to the way dad worked and his working life changed after that, anyway he was a great artist in all sort of mediums.
    Louise Watson

    1. Thanks so much for getting in touch Louise - it's very kind. I'd love to get in touch with you to talk to you a little more about your father's work. If this would be ok with you then I can be reached at [replacing the AT with @]