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4 April 2019

Nick Raven and the S.A.T.A.N. Squad

A curious, and rather battered, volume from my collection...Yes, it's Nick Raven and the S.A.T.A.N. Squad

Illustrated by Gerry Embleton and with a script by well-known comics writer Scott Goodall MBE (Scott was appointed an MBE in 2005; he died in 2016).

My copy was formerly owned by a school (and it shows!) and...

...the format is that you get half a page of comic strip per page and half a page of factual information. The comic strip runs across the top half of each double-page spread... you get 15 pages of comics action in total and technical drawings by Dick Eastland, Mike James, Eric Jewell, Barry Salter and (new Eagle cutaway artist) Peter Sarson.

There appear to have been 4 books in the series in total (see below) but I'm struggling to find images for them - can you help?


  1. Hey i have 2 of these books .lost in the amazon and death in the arctic. are you still interested in pictures. i have a scanner so could upload them if you keen.

    1. ah, that's be great! Would love to see some scans (front page, bit of interior art and an artist credit would be ace). You can send me stuff at [replacing the AT with @] - thanks so much