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21 December 2020

latest Catawiki auction - British comic art up for sale

As a fan of original British comic art I thought I'd showcase the highlights from the current Catawiki art auction - all items end in a few days time so don't delay! 

Here is lot 43621877 with Joe Colquhoun drawing Paddy Payne in Lion

Lot 43670087 (here) is also from Lion and is Edward Kearon's drawing Robot Archie

and there's also lot 43622935 here - more Robot Archie but from a different story

and, finally, here are 2 (non-consecutive) pages of Bill Lacey & Mike Butterworth's strip Eagles over the Western Front here

If you love Eagles then don't forget that there's a single volume reprint of the strip available here


  1. Hmm I can't actually find a link to the auction anywhere Richard not on their site or am I missing something?? Looks like some good stuff.

  2. I can't seem to find a link to get into the auction Richard??