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16 December 2020

UPDATED: Viz calendars

If you're interested in comic calendars then here are the links to the other calendar themes that I've covered...
1). Beano & Dandy calendars are here
2). Commando calendars are here
3). Judge Dredd calendars are here
4). Broons calendars are herehere and here
5). Oor Wullie is here
6). Dan Dare calendar is here
7). Miscellaneous calendars are here
8). Asterix calendars are here
9). Tintin calendars are here
10). Andy Capp calendars are here

And now it;s over to Viz for a look at their offerings over the years...Happy collecting!

Viz calendar 1989

Viz calendar 1990

Viz calendar 1991

Viz calendar 1992

Viz calendar 1993

Viz calendar 1994

Viz calendar 1995
image not to hand - does this exist?

Viz calendar 1996

Any further calendars out there? I'm thinking about large calendars rather than A4 sized freebies with the magazine

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