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28 December 2020

UPDATED: Tintin calendars

Inspired by my post yesterday about Asterix calendars I suddenly wondered if there were a whole lot of Tintin calendars out there as well.

A quick search on ebay has turned up the following images - I'm sure there'll be more out there to discover so keep your eyes peeled for another post on this topic soon

Tintin calendar 2021

Tintin calendar 2020

Tintin calendar 2019

Tintin calendar 2018

Tintin calendar 2013

Tintin calendar 2011 & 2012

Tintin calendar 2009 & 2010

Tintin calendar 2007

Also from 2007, but not related to a specific year, is this birthday calendar..

Tintin calendar 1995

Tintin calendar 1994

Tintin calendar 1993

If you're interested in comic calendars then here are the links to the other calendar themes that I've covered...
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