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30 December 2020

UPDATED: The Beano & The Dandy jigsaws

Following on from recent jigsaws posts...

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...and because, even now, Christmas is the season of the largest jigsaw puzzle in the house. Anyway, my eye was caught by Beano / Dandy jigsaws and so I went to see what I could find. There are probably more but here's what I've found so far - if you know of more do just let me know... 

Gibsons jigsaw reference - G800

Gibsons jigsaw reference - G7015

Another Gibsons produced jigsaw - reference number unknown

Gibsons jigsaw reference - G7071 (I think!)

there's a Bash Street Kids jigsaw lurking at the back of this photo...

Jigsaws produced by MB

Jigsaws produced by Waddingtons

Jigsaws produced by Michael Shanfield

1 comment:

  1. That first one, the fun fair one, took a whole week to draw!