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27 November 2016

Black Star Fiction Library - issue 1

So this is a little bit different then...

This is the work of 'Shaky Kane', this is issue 1 (from 2001) and tells the tale of Scratch, the 22nd century's most mis-understood mass murderer.

The stories are set in Big Star City, a micro-metropolis built for commerce and entertainment but rapidly descending into crime and corruption...

Here's the prologue for the first story...
and that's all I'm going to show of it, because some of it is really, really gory and unpleasant.

Second story is illustrated by George Flint and also features the character of Scratch...

The third, and final, story is again illustrated by Shaky Kane (from a script by Ian Porter) and has the most familiar Shaky Kane art tstyle hat I would recognise day in, day out.
Shaky and Ian also collaborated on 'Lazy Frog' magazine, which was one of the slew of Viz rip-offs that appeared when Viz made it big.
Tomorrow's post will look at Black Star Fiction Library (issue #2 - also the last issue).

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