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30 November 2016

Roy of the Rovers (2)

so rolling the clock back a few years there was a time when Mirror Books (an offshoot of Mirror newspaper) published quiz books...

So here's there 1978 Roy of the Rovers quiz book

that must have worked, because the next year...

the 1979-80 football quiz book came out. Like its predecessor volume this has some reprint art in it and lots of questions (unsurprisingly) about football in it.

Here's the other quiz book that came out at around the same time from the same publisher (1980, compiled by Roy Preston)

But back to Roy...the other volume well worth tracking down is this

This is from 1994 and is a 200+ page A4 sized volume featuring a complete chronological overview of Melchester Rovers' seasons from 1951-52 up until 1992-3. A huge amount of content and well worth getting hold of (it always seems to be quite expensive - I can only assume it sell well at the time).

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