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29 November 2016

Roy of the Rovers (1)

The recent release of Barrie Tomlinson's book Real Roy of the Rovers stuff (more details see here made me wonder what other Roy of the Rovers book's are out there for the collector?

In recent years Titan Books have published:
  1. Roy of the Rovers - the 1980s
  2. Roy of the Rovers - the 1970s
  3. Roy of the Rovers - world cup special
  4. The bumper book of Roy of the Rovers
  5. The second bumper book of Roy of the Rovers
But they're quite well-known so I'm going to gloss over those, instead...

Well there have been a few (auto)biographies, for instance...

This is Mick Collin's effort from Aurum Press in 2008 (ISBN 9781845133610)

This hardback is from publishers Century in 2014 (ISBN 9781-78-089329-7)

Which was then reprinted in paperback by Arrow in 2015 (ISBN 978-0-09-959866-4)

Anything else to collect? Oh yes, come back tomorrow for more details...

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