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28 November 2016

Black Star Fiction Library - issue 2

So here's the second (and final) issue of Shaky Kane's Black Star Fiction Library from 2001, in this issue Officer Carlos who suffered rather horribly in issue 1 is fished out of the docks, where he's met a rather unfortunate end. Like all cops, Scratch reckons, now that he's dead, Officer Carlos is a hero (even though he was a scumbag in real life), luckily Scratch has prepared for this eventuality and proceeds to ruin Officer Carlos's life from beyond the grave.


Officer Carlos (looking rather the worse for wear, but then he is dead)

From The dinosaurs are coming, the 'back-up' strip in this issue. Art by Shaky Kane.

An advert for companion (humour) title, Lazy Frog, this also featured much Shaky Kane artwork.

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