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1 November 2016

new comics (4) - Merrick: the gambler's cards

Having seen Lady Flintlock reach all its stretch targets on Kickstarter yesterday I thought I'd flag up another great Kickstarter campaign that I've backed...

Merrick - the gambler's cards continues the story begun in Merrick the sensational Elephantman by Tom Ward (story) and Luke Ward (art). The gambler's cards actually represents issues 5+6 of the ongoing story of Joseph Merrick. Yes, that Joseph Merrick.

I've recently picked up both Merrick the sensational Elephantman and Treves a restless night and I have to say they are great. The production values are really high, the story intriguing and richly layered plus the art is great (Luke Ward brings a fantastic Mike Mignola vibe to proceedings). Why this hasn't been picked up by a mainstream publisher is beyond me. So, if you have a thing for stories set in the pea-souper soaked atmosphere of old London town then why not give this a try?

You can back this from as little as £2 (or from £9 if you want to own a physical copy of the comics)

Tom Ward's a member of the facebook group so he might be able to give you more details of Merrick and of the kickstarter campaign in general.

Further Merrick reviews can be found here
• You can find all the issues and a free download to Issue One at
• You can also find more about the series on Twitter @merrickcomic and on facebook at
• You can find Luke the artist at and on Twitter @Artofparker
• Nic the letterer is on Twitter @Shawlettering

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