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24 November 2016

The journal of Luke Kirby

The announcement the other day (see that Rebellion are to collect together all the 'Journal of Luke Kirby' strips from 2000ad made me reach for the scanner to show you these....
Issue 1 (cover by Ken Barr)
Issue 2 (cover by Ken Barr)
Issue 3 (cover by Ken Barr)

back cover artwork

Right now these are the only place to find Luke Kirby reprints. Issue 1 of 'Night Walker' collates episodes 1-5 of the story 'Night Walker', issue 2 has episodes 6-10 and issue 3 has episodes 11-13. Script is by Alan McKenzie, art by John Ridgway and lettering by Annie P(arkhouse). These comics took me a while to find, I think in the end I may even have had to buy them from a US dealer. Well worth checking out.

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