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16 March 2019

Audio Visual Design Technicians needed

Just a small image today to celebrate the last day of the Frank Hampson exhibition at the Atkinson gallery...this is a photo I took 15 years ago at the Eagle Society get-together in 2004t and shows (I think) Susan Stranks (daughter of Eagle writer Alan Stranks) holding a poster that Frank Hampson had illustrated...
I'd never seen this poster before (or since) and I've blown it up as much as possible to try and show you what this career for the 1980s looked like...

The woman in the black jumper is Frank's long-term assistant, Joan Porter.

The man on the left of the picture (Professor Eric Fernie) is holding a token that would have entitled you to a free copy of the first issue of the original Eagle comic (you can just about make out the enormous promotional eagle that was mounted on a car to help with this giveaway). 

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