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25 March 2019

Isabel Greenberg festival appearance

For anyone who's a fan of (comics) illustrator Isabel Greenberg there's the chance to meet here (and Imogen Greenberg) at the Barnes children's literature festival on Sunday 12th May 2019. 

The talk covers her Athena book and is a chance to discover the adventures on the Greek goddess Athena (before getting your own chance to craft your own bit of history).

Tickets are available here

Her website is here - and here's a selection of her artwork and books...

How she "signed" a book for me last year - you can't tell but this A4 sized!

Not yet released - this is coming in 2019 and as she explains...
based on the Brontë Juvilalia, created by all four of the Brontë children over the span of their childhoods and into adulthood. The book covers their real lives - the fascinating story of their childhood on the Yorkshire Moors, but also delves into the complex imaginary worlds they created.

Small press comic

Window painting at Gosh comics for the last Free Comic Book Day (2018)...

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