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31 March 2019

Dudley D Watkins mini comics up for sale

There's a rare chance to snag a complete set of Dudley D Watkins comics work for the Salvation Army here - although you'll have to hurry as the auction ends just before 3pm today.

A legendary British comics artists he's best known for his work on Oor Wullie and The Broons - although he also provided work for other DC Thomson titles - and saw some of that work on adventure strips reprinted as a series of hardback books in the series 'Told in pictures'.

Wikipedia (here) notes that... 
He was a devout Christian and an enthusiastic supporter of the Church of Christ in Dundee (where he met his wife). He contributed artwork for mission calendars, and from 1956 he produced (free of charge) the comic strips William the Warrior and Tony & Tina – The Twins for 'The Young Warrior', a children's paper published by the WEC Publications. These strips, filled with quotations from scripture, were collected into a series of booklets

This lot offers the chance to buy the 4 volumes that Watkins illustrated but also the other 4 volumes in the series - a n interesting set for any Dudley D Watkins fans out there - good luck with bidding!

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