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18 March 2019

Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails

In a break from my normal look at boys comics here's a glimpse of a comic that I came across a couple of times recently, having never seen it previously. Michael Carroll covered it on his blog (here) when thinking about the Marvel UK '70s and '80s leftovers (as he described it).

I could see that the cover was likely to have been drawn by Mario Capaldi (although it's uncredited) so I thought I'd acquire a single issue as a curiosity. Alongside the usual colouring in sort of things and games for kids there was 3 pages of this strip...

ok - so I wasn't expecting that, what's this strip? Looks like some sort of bandes dessinées - but that's quite a large choice, any chance of a signature?

Ah-ha! There's the signature, in nearly the penultimate panel there's something that looks like 'Crisse'. OK so pop over to (here), look in C and find Didier Crisse - could it be him? What strip might it be?

Hmmm, he seems to have illustrated a strip about a Japanese Princess in 'Tintin' magazine 1980-87 with Bom (writer presumably). So a quick bit of googling and we suddenly have a strip called 'Nahomi'.

So there we have it - a very obscure reprint of a European comic strip in the UK.

Here's a foreign edition of Lady Lovely Locks issue 1 - again, cover looks like Mario Capaldi's work.

And the Marvel UK #1

...and #2

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