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31 October 2019

Cartoon Museum announce 3 Laureates for one night only

Over here the Cartoon Museum have announced a great sounding event taking place on the evening of Wednesday 13th November 2019. here's what the Museum has to say about it...

For one night only we have the 2 past Comics Laureates along side the current Laureate.
We are happy to have Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) and Hannah Berry (Livestock) all under one roof.    

What does a laureate do? Is it an honour to be asked? What is it like to wear a cape? They will be talking about all this an more.    
Talk hosted by Jason Atomic    

Ticket includes a chance to look round the gallery and check out the 'in focus' display on the 3 Laureates including the last 5 pages of The Walking Dead.

Tickets are £20 (£15 Concession) and are available here 

I looked at some of Charlie's very early work (from 1991) here and his 1999 work on (children's comic) Blue Moon here, here, here and here 

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