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6 October 2019

Mighty Max comic - part 2

Published by Marvel UK in 1994-5 'The adventures of Mighty Max' ran for 10 issues - cover art is by Mario Capaldi, precise issues details when I have them... you can see from the screen-grab below, John Michael Burns (renowned colourist and nephew of artist John M Burns) worked on the title and loved Mario Capaldi's artwork...

Mighty Max issue 6
Story 1 = Sonic Doom! [story by Dan Abnett, art by Mario Capaldi]
Story 2 = Night of the living dude! [story by Dan Abnett, pencils by Phil Gascoigne, inks by Bambos Georgiou]
Story 3 = Suckers and sea! [story by Dan Abnett, art by Keith Page]

Mighty Max issue 7

Mighty Max issue 8

Mighty Max issue 9

Mighty Max issue 10

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