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23 October 2019

Hugo Pratt draws Battler Britton

Via the medium of Amazon (here) Rebellion have 'announced' some details of the 2nd volume of their War Picture Library branded Hugo Pratt reprints. Priced at £14.99.

The Amazon blurb says...
Battler Britton is an air ace who is as skilled a fighter on land as in his Spitfire. In 1960 Hugo Pratt drew two of his adventures, Wagons of Gold and Rockets of Revenge, and they are reprinted here in graphic novel format for the first time.

Two fast-paced adventure stories featuring the classic British character, Battler Britton as he faces off against the Nazis

Wagons of gold is taken from Thriller picture library #297 (originally published December 1959, so, er, not published in 1960 then)

Rockets of Revenge is taken from the Battler Britton book 2, published in 1961 - so, er, not published in 1960 then either. Hey ho.

So in fact neither are from the War Picture Library title - odd!

This is the first volume - there's a very thorough review of it here

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