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28 October 2019

Rok the God Kickstarter ends this Friday

Still mulling over whether to back the Rok the God Kickstarter (here) but want even MORE bang for your buck? 

Never fear! John Wagner is here to explain all... 

We've been chided by backers for not offering enough options - Kickstarting is a steep learning curve for this old dog - so here are some optional add-ons to Rok your Socks!  I'm told you just add the extra cost onto your pledge and we sort it out at the survey stage.  Hope so.  I'm relying on you to know what you're doing, cos I don't!

ADD AN EXTRA £4 for postage UK,  £7 Europe, £10 RoW

Rok of the Reds graphic novel                   £20

Rok the God graphic novel                          £20

Rok the God graphic novel (BOLLAND cover)    £35

Signed John Wagner Judge Dredd script           £25

BRIAN BOLLAND A3 Poster                                    £15

SIMON BISLEY A3 ROK Poster                               £15


We'll do the shirt in any size.  Weren't going to do shirts at all but it will look so good with the new logo we couldn't resist.  We've also added a new pledge at a lower level so you can book the Rok the God graphic novel with the great Simon Bisley Rok print.
So those are add-ons on top of the original list of pledges that are avialble - seems like a great way to get hold of a Brian Bolland or a Simon Bisley print. The best kickstarter out there is here

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